DIY Pumpkin and Fairtrade Honey Face Mask

Hello Autumn! You can find many autumn vegetables this time of year, including pumpkins. The best place to find them is at your local farmers’ market leading up to Thanksgiving and Halloween. Whether you’re a fan of pumpkin pie or not, you can use pumpkin puree to make this delightful pumpkin face mask. We added fair trade honey to the recipe to increase the mask’s benefits.

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DIY Fair Trade Tea Foot Soak

Did you get to enjoy some beautiful summer weather? Now we need to get ready for fall and give our skin a little extra TLC. With our newest fair trade DIY recipe you can detox and relieve your tired feet. In the time it takes to brew your favourite chamomile or green tea you can use a few ingredients from your kitchen to create a rejuvenating foot soak. Chamomile tea is known for helping you relax, sleep better and it can even help heal wounds. It’s also great for our fair trade tea foot soak.

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DIY Fair Trade Green Tea Face Mask

How are your hot summer days going so far? With our newest DIY recipe you can relieve your parched skin from the summer heat with a fair trade tea bag! In the time it takes to brew your favourite green tea you can use a few ingredients from your kitchen to create a soothing green tea face mask. As you may know, drinking green tea has great benefits for your health. It also benefits your skin as a face mask and toner. So try it today!

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Fair Trade in Japan

We asked Yumi to share her experiences with fair trade in her home country, Japan. So here’s a view of what’s happening with fair trade on the other side of the world!

Today in Japan, you can find small fair trade shops in different regions of the country. Our fair trade history began in the late 80s, as a type of community trade. Then in the early 90s, the international fair trade label (FLO) started to appear in the Japanese marketplace, with supermarkets selling fair trade certified coffee and chocolate.  Now there are over 151 companies and organizations which produce and sell fair trade products in Japan. I’ll introduce you to a few of these.

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DIY Fair Trade Coffee Scrub

What’s the perfect accompaniment to your morning cup of coffee? A fair trade coffee scrub of course! In the time it takes to brew your favourite blend, you can whip up this scrub with a few ingredients you have in your kitchen. Ground coffee beans make a fantastic exfoliant and you can vary the exfoliating power of your concoction by grinding your beans fine or coarse. Coffee is also full of caffeine (unless you drink decaf) and caffeine is said to promote blood flow to the skin and reduce cellulite.

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Fair Trade Father’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for something fair to give Dad this Father’s Day? We put together some of our favourite gift ideas that are ethically produced in our Fair Trade Father’s Day gift guide. There are so many options out there, from clothing, to shoes to… yes, fair trade certified gum! So when you’re thinking about treating your dad, think about the positive effect a fair trade gift can have on fathers working around the globe!

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Celebrating 2 years of fun with Fable Naturals

Guest Post by Chris

It was back in May of 2012 that Gwen and I officially launched Fable Naturals. Our first event was EPIC Expo in the Vancouver Convention centre. We launched our business amongst 20,000 people, a crowd that included some of the friendliest, eco-conscious folks in Vancouver. Looking back now, it’s funny how naive we were – making way too much of some products, and of course, not enough of what we needed! We really had no clue of how it was going to go. Was anyone even going to buy our products? Were we crazy for giving up all of our free time to work all day and night? Now as we come up to our second birthday, it’s amazing to look back at what we’ve gone through and how much we have  learned. I can’t help but think that when we look back in a few years, I’ll consider myself naive at this moment too.

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Fairtrade Fortnight 2014

May is one of our favourite months of the year. It’s spring, we celebrate Fable’s birthday and it’s Fairtrade Fortnight!

If you’re new to the fair trade movement, you’ll want to know what this Fairtrade Fortnight thing is all about. Well, from May 1 – 15 fair trade supporters come together to celebrate what fair trade is really about – making a difference to farmers around the world. This year Fairtrade Canada is celebrating the Power of You, the ability of individuals to make a small change that makes a big change for fair trade farmers. Yes, you CAN change the world on your coffee break, just think about how many cups of coffee are sold everyday and only a small portion of them are from fair trade beans.

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